Health Benefits of South Indian Food

Best South Indian Restaurants in Gurgaon for a scrumptious south meal! Sagar Ratna Dosa. Whenever we feel like having south Indian dishes like idli, vada, dosa etc, we always prefer Sagar Ratna Dosa restaurant. South Indian food is very popular food in all over Gurgaon. Sagar Ratna Dosa continues to have a large fan following for their variety of dishes such as rava idli, paniaram, chesse paneer masala dosa, shabudana vada, sambar, etc.

South Indian food culture

Typical Indian masala dosa is cooked, and fried vegetables with Indian sauce and several spices as the basic stuffing, enveloped by a thick brown dosa made out of a dal and rice batter. Sagar Ratna dosa served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. South Indian food culture is very light, easy to make, easy to digest. But most of the people visit restaurant for that amount all Sagar Ratna Dosa is the Best South Indian Restaurant. Sagar Ratna Dosa is placed at the center place of Gurgaon so that we easily find that place, famous for south Indian food.

Benefits of south Indian food

South Indian food has medicinal properties. South Indian food has rice and coconut as its main ingredient. Basically, the dishes are very tasty as well as healthy as they do not contain much oil. Idli we cooked at steamed. The Sambar includes various vegetables, which are rich in fibres and anti-oxidants.​ The dal is high on vitamins and minerals iron, zinc, folate and magnesium​ Sambar is the best foods for smooth digestion.

  • High in protein
  • Rich in fibers
  • Easy digestive
  • Weight loss benefits

Why we Choose Sagar Ratna Dosa Restaurant for South Indian Food?

Sagar Ratna Dosa is very clean place because of this food made their is very healthy. Staff service is very fast so that no long waiting. They also extended our place so that many people enjoy food. because of all this quality, Sagar Ratna Dosa is Best South Indian Food in Gurgaon. Food at this place is very delicious well decorated. Sagar Ratna Dosa is such a place that everyone is attracted because of their food quality and test

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